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e-mail:: fabio.sterpone [at]

tel:: +33-1-58415169



2018-present / Research Director

2011-2016 Award ERC starting Grant Thermos

2010--2018 / Research at CNRS

2009--2010 / Fellow "P-G de Gennes Fundation", ENS, Paris, FR

2006--2008 / Research at High Performance Computing  CASPUR, Rome, IT

2004--2006 / Post-doc UT at Austin, TX, US

2000--2004 / PhD, UPMC and CEA, Saclay, FR

1999          / Laurea, Univ La Sapienza, Physics, Rome, IT


We are interested in the multi-scale modeling of biophysical processes. We apply and develop methods for studying protein stability, mobility and function in different conditions and environments. We move from classical atomistic simulations to  coarse-grained based multi-physics descriptions. 


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