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Prediction, Treatment and Application in the Docking Area

The CAPRI Contest

Online Resources

Molecular Surfaces: A Review

Database of Macromolecular Movements

A movie depicting conformational changes of DHFR

DNA Polymerase Beta MOVIES (large amplitude mouvements)

Structural Database of HIV Protease

Molecular Animations of Large Molecules

Molecular animations

Research Groups and Organizations

Protein Dynamics and Flexible Drug Design

Rigid and Flexible Docking Methods


FIRST - Software to predict the rigid and flexible regions in protein structures


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Protein-Protein Docking

Software for Protein-Protein Docking

Macromolecular Interactions

Research Groups and Organizations
Villoutreix's team : Application of flexible docking on blood coagulation proteins

Molecular Modeling Group (France)

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Folding in silico: ab initio and de novo methods (french)