CNRS Permanent Researcher



email: stirnemann@ibpc.fr

phone: +33 [0]1 58 41 51 68

Welcome to my webpage. I am currently a CNRS permanent researcher in the Theoretical Biochemistry Lab of the IBPC. I am working at the interface between physics, chemistry and biology using theoretical and simulation tools, but in strong interaction with experiments. This page presents an overview of my current and past research interests as well as details about my academic background and publications.


Group news 


  • Mar. 2022 We welcome Dr. Mario Araujo-Rocha, who will work on thermophoresis as a postdoc in the group. 


  • Feb. 2022 Third and last for the season, Olivier Languin-Cattoën successfully defended his work on the molecular mechanism of the bacterial adhesin FimH! 


  • Jan. 2022 Matthias Saint-André defended his PhD on the formation of the phosphoester bond in abiotic conditions.


  • Dec. 2021 Congratulations to Alejandro Diaz-Marquez for defending his PhD, "Molecular basis of thermophoresis". All the best for his future post-doc in Belgium!

  • Sep. 2021 Our article on water dynamics in ionic aqueous solutions, published in 2019, is part of the Highly Cited selection of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, in the liquids section! https://access.acspubs.org/liquidssoftmatter  


  • Sep. 2021 Sélène Forget is joining the group for her PhD, working on a minimal autoreplicative ribozyme systems using multiscale approaches. She has a strong interest for topics related to the origins of life, and brings ample experience in molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecular systems after several internships at Princeton (with Pablo Debenedetti), the Earth-Life Institute (Tokyo) and Aqemia (Paris). All the best for her stay with us! 


  • Jul. 2021 Aubin Ramon (M.Sc. student) is leaving the group to become a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, UK. We will him all the best after a very successful and terrific experience in the group! 


  • Jan. 2021 Welcome to Aubin Ramon, a M.Sc. student from ENS, who joined the group for a 6-month intership. He will work on the interpretation of single-molecule force spectroscopy experiments, as well as on a catch-bond protein system involved in the mechanotransduction pathway. 


  • Jan. 2021 Welcome to Marie Juillé, who will do her PhD in the group, in collaboration with Élise Duboué-Dijon (LBT) and Damien Laage (ENS). She will work on a minimal autoreplicative ribozyme systems using multiscale approaches. 


  • Sep. 2020 Irene Maffucci's just published papers have received wide acclaim, with the first one selected as a Very Important Paper in Chemistry - A European Journal, and the other one being selected by PCCP's editors as one of the 2020's HOT papers!


  • Sep. 2020 Welcome to Zakarya, who will do a long M.Sc. internship in the group, working on Machine-Learling approaches to chemical reactivity.


  • Sep. 2020 Congratulations and a second welcome to Aimeric, who has defended his M.Sc. thesis and will now start his PhD in the group, working on the melting of RNA duplexes.